Bad News

There are thousands more of these stories.

I’m sure the reason why Russians did all this is that they were upset over the NATO. No other explanation comes to mind.

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  1. I’m a bit fascinated by history- i was watching a lecture today on the German-Austrian offensive at Gorlice-Tarnow of the spring /summer of 1915. Interestingly the Ukrainians of Galicia were rather happy to see the return of the Austro-Hungarian empire as the russian occupation was a bit rough. Their russification campaign wasn’t appreciated either. Seems they wanted to wipe out the Ukrainian identity. Its not Putin today ,its just Russians doing Russian things. I thought(or hoped) humanity had left that behind(communist and islamist fanatics excepted). Here we go again.

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  2. I read that raped Ukrainian women in Poland cannot get abortions because of Polish laws. 😦
    Cannot somebody put there a field hospital or something and yes help them?


  3. If somebody here still believes NATO story, look at this:

    “Six weeks into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine … On the Sky News Daily, Mark Austin interviews Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov who stated that he does not consider the further expansion of NATO through the entry of Sweden and Finland into the bloc an existential threat to Russia.”

    Now to Obama (bold mine) :

    // At a conference titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy,” hosted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and The Atlantic this week, Obama was asked point blank if he wishes he’d been stronger on Putin knowing what we do now.
    Visibly annoyed, he answered, “I actually don’t, because the circumstances were different.”
    He explained that Crimea’s “attitudes towards Russia” in 2014 were different. He described a “very robust response” from his administration, which just amounted to limited sanctions.
    And he defended not arming the Ukrainians because “we were concerned about making sure that we did not give [Russia] an excuse for another incursion,” and “you had issues of training.”
    He congratulated Europe for arriving today where he had wanted them back then.
    “I will say that as somebody who grappled with the incursion in Crimea and the Eastern portions of Ukraine, I have been encouraged by the European reaction, because in 2014, I often had to drag them kicking and screaming to respond in ways that we would have wanted.”
    And he stunningly explained how we got to a place where Russia believed it could invade a sovereign nation. He said, western democracies “have gotten complacent.” Seemingly, the kind of warning Romney was flagging in 2012. //


  4. I often disagree with Babchenko, but this criticism of Ukrainian government rang true.
    I imagined our Israeli government doing this to my people, my town, and wanted to strangle such criminals immediately.
    Think of American government behaving thus, when your child’s life is at stake.
    Even if you like Zelensky and Arestovych, it doesn’t mean their behavior and words are 100% correct.

    Всесвiтнiй хаос

    Есть такая штука, как сокрытие информации. Если бы мексиканская армия захватила Нью-Джерси, месяц оттуда обстреливала бы Манхэттен, а уйдя, оставила после себя заваленные телами улицы… Так вот, если бы выяснилось, что разведка предупреждала Байдена именно о таком развитии событий еще ЗА ПОЛТОРА МЕСЯЦА до начала войны, а он сделал ровным счетом нихера – его бы уже снесли. Причем, я так подозреваю, в самом прямом смысле этого слова. Он бы уже в Белом Доме догорал. Вместе с самим Белым Домом.


    1. This is simply untrue. The Ukrainian government conducted a massive preparation for the war.

      Babchenko likes Poroshenko and is transmitting the talking points of the Poroshenko electoral campaign. It’s a normal democratic process but let’s not take it too seriously. Poroshenko, after all, allowed Ilovaysk to happen and signed the Minsk agreements.


      1. // The Ukrainian government conducted a massive preparation for the war.

        Except telling people to evacuate or, at least, to prepare подвалы / basements ? The government only now told people of Donbas to evacuate. Couldn’t they have done it before? Why just now?

        On another topic, do you still support Russian laws prohibiting Americans and EU residents to adopt Russian kids in orphanages because they biologically (?) have Russian culture that needs to be preserved?

        Btw, just thought that orphans are another group that can be sent anywhere w/o much noise in addition to poor ethnic minorities in Russia.


        1. I’m still opposed to international adoption because it’s selling children to people who don’t meet adoption standards at home. I’m against selling people.

          Russians suck but it doesn’t mean their children deserve to be sold off.


          1. Re meeting adoption standards at home, many people who do not meet those 1001 standards can be good parents. For instance, in Israel only married couples may adopt:

            “According to the law, only married couples (in rare cases one adopter will be authorized) who meet the criteria of good health, marriage longer than two years, finished high-school (12 years of education), older that the adopted child by at least 18 years but no more than 43 years. […] In Israel, about 120 children are adopter yearly. This means that the waiting list is very long, sometimes too long. For those who do not want to wait there is the option of adopting a child from abroad, with the intermediation of an association authorized by the state of Israel. ”

            Is it really better for a child to grow up in Russian orphanage than to be adopted by a single Israeli woman or by a single-sex Israeli couple? I know (not closely) a single woman who adopted 2 kids from abroad. In Israel she would have no chance.

            The real problem is that good checking who adopts is not done both by Russian authorities and by government from the country of the potential adopters.

            There is also a philosophical question of what it means a have / share a culture. Does a one day child already have a culture? Does s/he have a religion too, just because his parents or ancestors at some point practiced it?

            Do you have a Russian culture? Ukrainian? Spanish? American? All 4 of them?

            If we live in a multicultural world, is it a tragedy to be raised in not Russian culture, if adopting parent(s) respect the child and do not hide his history? By this I do not mean learning Russian themselves and forcing the child in Israel to have it as a mother tongue. You do not (and cannot) do it to Klara. My brother doesn’t want to speak Russian in Israel either.

            As for selling children, I am 100% for checking who wants to adopt well and not giving kids to all kinds of unsuitable people. It’s a pity heaps of kids have their lives destroyed forever in orphanages, while potential loving adopting parents sit alone childless. Saying “I am against selling” sounds like a philosophical stand so far.


            1. Think about it, though. There are so many abandoned kids here in the US. It’s extremely easy to foster. You actually get paid to do it.

              Who’d spend tens of thousands of dollars to go someplace far away to purchase a kid when there are so many right here? What can possibly motivate people to do that? I see no explanation other than that they want a toy that doesn’t speak, doesn’t have a relative on this continent to stand up for her, and there are no agencies controlling what you do to her.

              If I wanted to adopt, I’d go to East St Louis, not Russia. It’s easier, faster, definitely cheaper.

              The question always is, do people want a child or do they want a convenient toy? The “travel to Russia” scenario points to the need for a convenient toy. I can find no other explanation.

              It’s all good to say “I’m 100% for checking.” But practically, who’ll be doing the checking? Russian authorities? They can be bought off with a few bucks. American authorities? Which ones? At what point does the checking happen? What’s the logistics of the process?


  5. Last link:

    Командующим спецоперацией РФ назначен генерал армии Александр Дворников, бывший командующий российскими войсками в Сирии.

    В свое время Путин сообщил, что в Сирии российская армия проводит учения. Учитывая, что регулярного противника перед ней не было, а были исключительно иррегулярные партизанские подразделения, направленность учений сомнений не вызывала: карательная противопартизанская война. Со всей положенной атрибутикой: ковровые бомбардировки нелояльных территорий, создание выжженной земли, организация потока беженцев.

    Если именно этот опыт теперь и будет востребован, то становится примерно понятно, что именно предполагается делать на Украине в условиях, когда военная победа над киевским режимом недостижима. Будет создаваться санитарная полоса выжженной земли, на которой понятие мирной жизни станет невозможным. Какую ширину будет занимать эта полоса, и зависит от действий командующего. Может, 50 км от границы с Россией. Может, 100. Но эта полоса должны быть обезлюжена (в современной трактовке — денацифицирована и демилитариирована), на ней не может вестись никакой хозяйственной деятельности, любые перемещения по этой зоне — либо с разрешения военных властей, либо пресекаться огнем на поражение.

    С точки зрения такой задачи идеальным ее решением стало бы создание санитарного кордона до самого Днепра, однако скорее всего, на данном этапе в силу ресурсной недостаточности ограничатся менее масштабной задачей. Но с перспективой дальнейшего расширения полосы уничтоженной территории. В этом смысле не-война не будет закончена даже после заключения какого-нибудь «мирного договора». Он будет служить всего лишь перемирием. Сама «спец-операция» превращается в перманентное состояние — как и война в Сирии, где мы всех победили (трижды), но продолжаем с кем-то воевать.



  6. Like

    1. It’s true. It’s also true that Russia’s orphanages are filled to the brim with Russian children, and a decade -long Russian propaganda campaign to encourage people to adopt children failed completely.


    1. It’s a great link. Snyder is great on Eastern Europe. He’s eminently knowledgeable, and his books on Ukraine are amazing. But once he starts on US politics, it all gets kind of embarrassing.


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