Tucker Update

People who are still watching Tucker, can you let me know what he’s been saying about the genocide Russians perpetrated in Bucha, Irpin and Borodyanka?

Is it

  1. It didn’t happen and the images / stories are fake
  2. It happened but Ukrainians did it to themselves
  3. It happened but NATO is to blame
  4. It happened but there’s some other reason it’s ok
  5. Not saying anything at all?

I have an anthropological curiosity as to how far one can go to avoid saying the ego-shattering phrase “I was wrong.”

5 thoughts on “Tucker Update

  1. I stopped watching Tucker so I can’t tell you (I could not take any more excuses for Putin). Interestingly, I’ve seen a few posts on Ukraine on Alex Berenson’s substack. His take is basically ‘There are not excuses for what Russia is doing’. And he is getting a lot of crap for that from his commentariat because he dares to be in agreement with mainstream media.

    I’m wondering how much of what Tucker is saying is to appease the viewership. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Tuckers word is holly and people think what he tells them.

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    1. I think he’s sincere. But even the most sincere beliefs should be revised in view of new evidence. Nobody is infallible, nobody is perfect, and it’s the height of hubris to believe you are incapable of being wrong.


  2. Tucker didn’t specifically mention the Russian atrocities in his program last night. His angry opening monologue was about how the US government has been consistently LYING to the American people about what what the Russians are doing/planning in Ukraine, because the US government somehow wants to encourage support for direct engagement in a major war.

    “I think he’s sincere,”

    I don’t know if he’s sincere or knows that he’s become hysterical. It’s been impossible for me to take him seriously since his totally wacko episode a few months ago about the threat from UFOs.

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    1. Yes, the UFOs were a major red flag that I choose to ignore. I thought it was possible to be nuts in one area and not have it leak into other areas of life. I was wrong.


  3. Watched tonight’s episode (he happened to cover something I’m interested in.) Didn’t mention Russia or Ukraine at all, though of course I’d expect he’d have covered anything of note last night.

    I know Tucker’s crew scours right wing twitter for insight and ideas, and some sections of that have developed their own enclosed universe where they don’t even hear or discuss certain information (kinda like the left lol.) He may have trapped himself in a bubble where he doesn’t see many opposing ideas and information at this point.


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