Moving In

Exactly what I said yesterday about the UK moving into the world leadership position that is being left vacant by the US. Why the US has decided to dismantle its cultural, economic, political and every other advantage is a different question. Things like that aren’t subject to the laws of primitive materialism.

12 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Dunno. Even Austria’s chancellor has visited, and they are hardly contenders for global leadership.


    1. It only works in the context of everything else. Leading the Western world in removing COVID restrictions, leading the world I’m fighting the trans lunacy, leading the world I’m proposing a new military alliance that will replace the useless NATO.


      1. Don’t know if I’d call NATO useless, the UN definitely. But also a new alliance itself would probably become useless.


  2. It wasn’t the U.S. per se that decided to dismantle itself. It was … whoever … wanted to let SARS-CoV-2 loose on the world, without even being allowed to say the name of the city in which it emerged (“‘Wuhan virus’ is xenophobic!”) let alone mention the likely origin (Wuhan Institute of Virology). It was … whoever … decided to let Black Lives Matter spend an entire summer in 2020 trashing American cities without one finger being lifted to stop them by the same FBI which had no problem trying to frame four people for the kidnapping of Gov. Whitmer. It was … whoever … decided that having industrial-scale election fraud in Nov. 2020 was A-OK. It was … whoever … thought that if the United States was going to have a phony President, it would be even more peachy-keen to install a wooden Indian of a figurehead who was waterlogged with senility and thoroughly owned by the Chinese Communist Party (via his crackhead son). It was … whoever … thought that shutting down all domestic fossil fuel production was a terrific idea, and that if we had fuel shortages, we could just go make deals with Iran and Venezuela (but not Texas or North Dakota!). It was … whoever … thought that producing 20%-per-year actual inflation would be a wonderful power move.

    I don’t know who “whoever” is, but trust me: I wasn’t consulted. Nor were a majority of actual Americans. What I do know is that support for “whoever” is largely bipartisan; the Republican establishment is smugly in favor of everything I’ve listed, and all of the political dissent you’ve heard of in the last two years has come from the much-maligned ‘white supremacist” alt-right (which now includes a lot of people who’d never voted Republican up through and including 2020).

    I don’t know if we can turn this around or not. I hope we can.

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    1. I agree that most people don’t want any of this. But they don’t want it in a very passive way. No protests to speak of, not even a convincing hashtag. Look at how many people the other side brings out to BLM whole city blocks into dust. And how easily they infected everybody’s brain with the #MeToo hashtag. And we can’t even get 10 miles of the wall built after electing a president who’s supposed to be for us.


    2. “Look at how many people the other side brings out to BLM whole city blocks into dust.”

      The other side controls the FBI, the Department of Justice, and blue-city law enforcement agencies. They can passively stand by and let their pampered BLM political pets run amok for months. When a Kyle Rittenhouse stands up against them, he gets charged with first-degree murder, and wins an acquittal only by the skin of his teeth (and only because, apparently, somebody in the FBI decided to leak a secret drone video to Rittenhouse’s defense team). When January 6th protestors peacefully let themselves get waved into the Capitol, they end up being imprisoned without parole or a trial for over a year.

      The other side also controls the social media which, unfortunately, most of our lovable but naive countrymen still think are fair and impartial communication tools. At one point, not long after the November 2020 election fraud, somebody tried to organize a trucker’s strike via Facebook. They were very rapidly silenced and coerced into dropping it. I have no doubt that that has been happening many times in the last 18 months.

      Of course we all remember how quickly the story of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” in October 2020 was censored across the board on Twitter, Facebook, and all of the mainstream media except the New York Post and Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.

      I’m not saying all this to imply “game over man, game over!” But I am saying this to point out that there’s a reason we have seen very few public protests on our side for a year and a half now, and a reason why arguments on our side have required such an extra effort to get out to the naive middle.

      My own acts of political dissent have been to donate money to whatever serious dissident movements I can find. Mainly, the Maricopa County audit last year, and Senator Ron Johnson’s reelection campaign just yesterday. From time to time there’s been some possibility that public pressure on election officials might induce them to oppose the Nov. 2020 election fraud, and on those occasions I’ve made phone calls and written e-mails. I believe that last effort (phoning and e-mail GOP legislators) by a lot of people might have paid off on Jan. 6, 2020, if Trump hadn’t decided to have a big beautiful rally which our political opponents could and did false-flag. Seeing that happen was excruciating.

      The last year and a half has been a miserable slog for those of us who would like to see the United States of America be a real country again. I haven’t given up; I won’t give up; but I must say that between the torpor of too many people, the very heavy preponderance of forces on the other side, the intermittent stupidity and weakness of people on our side, and the not-infrequent treachery of people who are supposedly on our side (I could name several GOP names, but won’t), the odds of rescuing America from final decline are not looking good.

      If there’s something to be done that I haven’t been doing, I’d sincerely like to know what it is.


  3. ” UK moving into the world leadership position”

    Walking out in public (even with heavy security around) is a very profound statement and a slap in the face for the craven German and French governments…

    And out of curiosity where is Putin? When was the last time he was seen in public?

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    1. Putin is in a bunker, apparently in the Far East of Russia. He’s planning to drag Lukashenka all the way there for a meet. The two bastards are definitely not planning any strolls outside, I am sure.

      What’s the point of all that money and power if you have to live like a rat under the ground?


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