The Return of Beauty

This is what Freedom Square in Kharkiv looked like after Russians hit it with the very first air strike on the city:

This is what it looks like today:

There are still no window panes but see how it’s all been cleaned up? People went out and cleaned. The square now looks better than any regular Russian town looks in peaceful times.

I’m hearing that people are planting flowers in the many flower beds around the city. Daily, groups of citizens come out to clean and beautify the city.

What’s really messing with my head is that Kharkovites didn’t used to be this way. One of my biggest complaints when I emigrated were piles of dog shit in the streets, no trash cans, and mountains of soggy garbage everywhere. I have a highly developed aesthetic sensibility, and seeing dog shit was freaking me out.

This is what a nation-state does to people. It makes them want to see their land beautiful. Ukrainians changed so much in the 21st century. Imagine how fast they’ll rebuild with just a little bit of help and hopefully some peace.

6 thoughts on “The Return of Beauty

    1. The only problem to this though, IMO, is that many of these “architects” will want to build all manner of ultra-modernist (i.e. ultra-ugly) vanity buildings that will destroy the beauty of the city.


  1. The dog poop was one of the most annoying things about Lima. Nobody picks up after their dogs, and there are dogs that don’t belong to anyone… and they all poop everywhere.


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