It Sank

Russians find it so intolerable to admit that Ukrainians sank their flagship aptly called “Moscow” that they are aggressively promoting the narrative that the flagship sank because of Russian ineptitude and carelessness.

“No! We haven’t suffered a loss at the hands of a skilled enemy! We suffered a loss because we are bumbling fools who have no idea what we are doing!”

I’m result-oriented, so I don’t care why the sumbitch sank. As long as it did sink, I’m good. But the mentality here is fascinating. Russians would rather present themselves as total losers than let anybody think Ukrainians were successful in any way. That’s the whole reason behind this war right here.

36 thoughts on “It Sank

  1. It did not sink, it surfaced in the wrong direction.

    But, more seriously, I was thinking along the same lines you did since yesterday. And I thought that both options would be so unbearable to them, that they would instead declare it was a hit by a NATO submarine, or something. Perhaps, if they managed to drag the ship to Sevastopol, they would declare they have found some parts of some missile never supplied to Ukraine… Not sure if after that they would escalate, or use it purely internally, to strengthen “we are surrounded by enemies” mentality.

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    1. It didn’t sink, it was promoted to submarine. 🙂

      They escalated in the only way they still reliably have, air raids. For the first time, there was an air raid warning in every city of Ukraine at once. So predictable. Pouty and wounded.


  2. However it was taken out, this frees up the airspace over southwestern Ukraine- the Russians were using her s-300 system to close the airspace. Happy hunting for the bayraktars. Clever move by the Ukrainians, the main anti aircraft radar on Moskva is a phased array radar which is limited to 180 degrees coverage. Ukraine used a bayraktar to distract the radar while sending 2 Neptune anti ship missiles into the blind side. Other radars on the ship couldn’t detect the sea skimming missiles.

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    1. I had thought surely the US would be the first to hold a demonstration of why the carrier is obsolete in the modern missile age… congrats to Russia for beating us to it. If we’re very lucky we’ll learn something and start phasing out those lumbering ducks.

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      1. I would have to disagree that missiles make carriers obsolete. Carrier defense is a complex subject, but it is not so simple as just fire some missiles at one, not when you have a competent navy anyhow (which Russia doesn’t).


  3. If the Russians had the sense to realize that the Ukrainians understand them(and their tech) intimately, they could come with a better strategy for this war. Of course if they had any sense , they wouldn’t have started it in the first place.

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    1. I hang out at a Navy website where there is a former Soviet navy guy. Most of the members are or were in the U.S. Navy. One of them commented that the Russians do not seem to know how to do DCFP (which I believe stands for Damage Control and Fire Prevention). The Russian navy guy commented that there is no Damage Control Assistant on Russian navy ships, it is instead limited to just a Divisional Officer and the Chief Engineer and the ship captains in the Russian (and former Soviet) navies basically do not have any training in it, so the way it works out is that they don’t really know the vulnerabilities of the ships and what they are or aren’t capable of.

      So it would basically be a combination of Russian ineptitude and Ukrainian skill.

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  4. Clarissa, this is WAY off-topic, but would you mind telling me which specific cell phone model you use?

    I have to buy a new one in the near future because my current ancient model is 3K, and Verizon is ending its 3K service to convert to all 5K. Since I have no choice about getting a newer phone, I want one that is capable of taking high-quality digital photographs like your phone obviously is — as proven by the many beautiful photos that you’ve posted on your website. Thanks!


        1. The A72 and A73 are newer models of that phone you might see. Also the S20/21 FE model is very similar and has a 3X zoom lens if that’s important to you.


    1. Since we are on off-topic questions, I also have one: I see posts saying “Password Protected” asking me to enter a password to be able to see them. What are these? Like I mean I have no idea about any password…?


  5. Good news, but did you know this about Germany?

    // The EU closed a “loophole” in the sanctions regime against Russia, which allowed arms trade with it since 2014, Reuters reports.
    Last year, EU countries sold arms and ammunition to Russia worth 39 million euros, up 50% from 25 million euros in 2020.
    Among the largest exporters were countries with large defense industries, including France and Germany.

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  6. Former President Trump joined President Biden in calling Russia’s war in Ukraine a “genocide” during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday night.

    While Trump was slamming Biden for policies he said have led to record high inflation, he said, “And now add to that what’s going on in Ukraine. That’s a genocide.”

    The comment comes a day after Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of genocide on Tuesday.

    “Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away,” Biden said.


    1. I’m actually in awe of Trump because I saw a snippet of one of his rallies where he tells a gigantic audience, “we stand in support of Ukraine!” and the entire audience is deathly quiet. It takes some guts to be able to say something that you know your followers don’t agree with and very passionately so. I know two people who were in love with Trump and have now turned on him over Ukraine.


      1. \ a snippet of one of his rallies where he tells a gigantic audience, “we stand in support of Ukraine!” and the entire audience is deathly quiet

        Wow. Respects to him.

        If it continues like this, anti-Ukraine Americans will be left w/o an anti-Ukrainian presidential candidate.

        Have you heard of those new weapons sent to Ukraine?

        This is The Sophistication(Predator)Drone MQ-9 Super Power Of The United States Military

        “Короче. вы не захотите такой штуки над головой. Она запросто может долететь от Львова до Москвы.

        И, прослышав об этом, похоже, терпение Москвы лопнуло и они отправились в Вашингтон к тому же Госдепу требовать что бы все это прекратилось. Вся эта русофобия…”



    1. For non-Russian speakers: a Ukrainian grandma escaped from a village near Mariupol with her rooster. Now the rooster is squawking, or whatever it is roosters do, and freaking everybody out.


  7. From comments regarding the rooster:

    to the question “what the …?” Grandmother replied, “Well, how can I leave my friend Tosha in the war? we had been under the bombings and survived hunger together ”

    The Russian original:

    на вопрос «нахуя?» бабушка ответила «ну как я своего друга Тошу оставлю на войне? мы же с ним и под бомбежками, и голод пережили»

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  8. Interesting lesson from the post “50 days of war and lessons for Israel”:

    A Palestinian state is absolutely unacceptable. Palestinian state means Iranian tanks 30 km from Tel Aviv, artillery on a mountain range, fanatical Islamists with access to modern weapons. And now we have learned that trying to conquer a sovereign state can destroy your economy due to sanctions, so our hands will be tied.

    50 дней войны и уроки для Израиля.

    Категорически нельзя допускать палестинское государство. Палестинское государство означает иранские танки 30 км от Тель-Авива, арта на горном хребте, фанатичные исламисты с доступом к современному оружию. А теперь мы узнали, что попытка завоевать суверенное государство может уничтожить вашу экономику из-за санкций, поэтому у нас будут связаны руки.


    1. Wanted to ask your opinion about those 50 lessons for Israel. If they are cynical but true, what can be long term goal? If they are wrong and unjust, I am not eager to be shot at with modern weapons from Iran.


  9. Владимир Путин подписал закон, запрещающий публично отождествлять цели, решения и действия руководства СССР с действиями руководства нацистской Германии.

    У соседа дяди Коли
    появилась мания —
    он отождествляет роли
    нашу и Германии:
    букву Z на майку вышил,
    ждёт захвата Киева…
    Тут закон, я слышал, вышел,
    привлеките вы ево.

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  10. НЕВЗОРОВ, [15.04.2022 10:16]
    С потоплением гордости путинского флота, крейсера «Москва», связана очень забавная история. Путинские адмиралы были абсолютно уверены в неуязвимости «Москвы». Именно поэтому крейсер залез в опасную зону, где до него могли дотянуться украинские ракеты. И дело не в системах обнаружения, отражения, перехвата и пр. Нет. Командование Черноморского флота получило приказ веровать в чудотворную силу одной хреновинки, которая с 2020 года украшала интерьер крейсера. Это была щепочка, волшебная магическая щепочка, способная отводить от корабля ракеты и торпеды. Щепочку купили за 40 миллионов долларов, ее притащил и вручил Степашин.
    Официальная формулировка звучала так:
    «Христианская реликвия — частица Креста Господня – будет храниться на флагмане Черноморского флота — ракетном крейсере “Москва”. Это кусочек дерева размером всего несколько миллиметров. Он находится внутри металлического креста XIX века, а тот, в свою очередь, хранится в специальном ковчеге».
    Щепочка за 40 млн., как известно, не сработала и вместе с крейсером отправилась на дно. Невзоров


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