Religious Revival

The Russian Orthodox Church is blessing with holy water an ICBM rocket called Satan II. This is the rocket that the Russians are promising to use to deliver a strike on the US.

I was always stunned by the extraordinary disrespect of the people who kept saying there was some sort of a religious revival in the post-Soviet countries. The smug ignorance of this idea was matched only by the consumerist nature of its approach to religion. As if faith were something you could lay aside for the better part of a century, and then pick up again, like nothing happened because it suddenly became fashionable.


One thought on “Religious Revival

  1. To be fair, “Satan” is the NATO designation for this missile, and the Russians do not have to take it into account in their… religious practices. Russian name for this missile is Voevoda (warlord or military chief).
    But I find the whole idea of blessing weapons of mass-destruction, regardless of the name, highly distasteful.

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