Social Experiment Liveblogged

So we will get our Russian faculty member, after all. In a curious coincidence, this person has the same name and a very similar last name as myself.

This is only happening because of my efforts, which is deeply ironic. I will say honestly that I was sorely tempted to can the whole endeavor, and nobody would have judged me for it here on campus. To the contrary, I’ll be judged for proceeding with it but as we all know, I don’t care about these things.

I decided to proceed because it can be an important social experiment and a learning opportunity. If you place a brainwashed person who is under the age of 30 (so probably still not completely ossified) in a normal, friendly environment, can she recover? Can a whole year of new experiences, new people, new points of view and new information help a person change her mind at least a little bit?

This project will require from me inordinate feats of patience and kindness – the two qualities I have in very short supply – but what if it’s not in vain? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Everybody I know thinks I’m completely insane, and maybe I am. I will be posting regularly about my progress, so we can all observe how it goes.

8 thoughts on “Social Experiment Liveblogged

    1. I’m planning to go all out. Take her to church (if she’s religious, of course), take her on outings around the area, have her over to my house. I’m hoping that kindness and a welcoming spirit would have an effect.

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    1. Imagine the number of great blogging opportunities this will provide.

      Next year I’ll bring in a Ukrainian faculty member instead of the Russian. That will be even more fun.


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