A Unilateral Relationship

The talk about how “we need to find a way to get along peacefully with Russia” reminds me of a female friend who fell in love with a gay man and hounded him for 4 years trying to persuade him to become her boyfriend. (True story).

The gay man explained in every possible way that he wasn’t seeking a relationship with a woman because he was gay. Which is why, the man said, he was trying to meet guys and most certainly not trying to meet women. His explanations fell on deaf ears because she wanted a relationship with him.

Want to guess how the story ended?

She had to give up. Because he didn’t want a relationship. You can’t unilaterally get along. If the other party doesn’t want a relationship with you, there won’t be a relationship.


One thought on “A Unilateral Relationship

  1. “a way to get along peacefully with Russia”

    I’m thinking more and more that good fences make good neighbors and russians need to be kept out of the rest of the world. Opening the borders with Europe and the US did nothing to soothe their post-Soviet rage (or narcissistic wound if you prefer). It only seems to have drastically increased it… they need to go home for a time out…

    Now that the results of the experiment are known – no need to continue it…

    At this point I’m just about in favor of giving russians who are resident in other European countries a choice, stay here and eventually try for citizenship or first plane back to russia…

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