When You’ve Worked Too Much

I’m doing a write-up on a survey of the opinions of faculty in my unit and discover that one person says that the Chair doesn’t meet with them informally.

“Who, who is this ungrateful bastard?” I bellow. “Who is so eager for a meeting with me, and should I grant their wish immediately in a very painful manner?”

Then I remember that I also was surveyed, and the ungrateful bastard who didn’t report any meetings with me was quite obviously… me.

5 thoughts on “When You’ve Worked Too Much

  1. Court of the 4th District of the Self-Accused

    Rt Hon Lord Whisky (Scots) and Rt Hon Lord Bourbon, presiding

    Motion to dismiss for lack of evidence that you talk to yourself


    So you do have meetings with yourself after all! 🙂


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