Depths of Depravity

I received today and ad for “vegan chorizo that captures the authentic flavors of Spanish chorizo.”

There’s perversion… and then there’s total perversion.

7 thoughts on “Depths of Depravity

    1. As of now, I have been tricked into eating fake (“plant-based”) meat and ice cream. Both had the same unfortunate effect of shutting down my digestion completely for the next 3 days. It’s a clean experiment because I had no idea what I was eating, and the reaction was honest and spontaneous. It’s horrid, horrid stuff. I can’t imagine what will happen to people who habitually eat this garbage. It’s processed within an inch of its life and has nothing whatsoever to do with any “plants.” Absolute horror.

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      1. “shutting down my digestion completely for the next 3 days”

        Having grown up in the US eating all manner of mass-produced crap my stomache can take almost anything…. but i did have some vegan “ice cream” on a working trip in Austria and it was… just kind of blah…

        I’ve never liked fake meat, it doesn’t make me sick but I really don’t like the way it feels or tastes (or the weird after taste it leaves).


  1. In defence of this vegan stuff, a lot of it I’ve eaten in the past not because of it being vegan, but because it wouldn’t exacerbate existing health conditions.

    I actually went vegetarian for over fifteen years to avoid making a potentially deadly heart condition worse to the point of requiring major surgeries. This was easier to do in the UK because many people actually cared to make the attempt to do right by vegetarian food.

    Vegans, on the other hand? Zero chill with those people, they just need to make most of their own food and not trust that it’s going to be done to their standards otherwise.

    But food allergies I totally understand.

    If I eat enough pork, I can be guaranteed at a minimum a very bloody trip to the restroom, and at the worst, I’ll be heading to the hospital for anaphylaxis.

    So the idea of vegan chorizo would be welcome because I’d be able to add protein to queso flameado, but I certainly wouldn’t have it on its own.

    BTW, have you been paying attention to what’s going on in the Mexico border towns?

    The mad rush toward the US border has created a frenzy for the cartels, and the people they’re not able to extort into paying the high prices they want for “safe passage” are subject to being shot by the cartel enforcers.

    Arizona’s making moves to reduce the flow by stacking shipping containers at the border and layering them with concertina wire.

    As for what Florida will eventually do?

    Anyone else remember the Marielitos?

    Push back from those events has been building for over forty years.


    1. I’m all for vegetarian and vegan food. But “vegan chorizo/ ice cream” is weird chemical concoction that human body doesn’t process.

      As for immigration, I’ve tired of saying that US’s open-border policies are downright evil towards Mexicans and Central Americans. If only we had a president who actually wanted to build a wall, as opposed to tweeting about it but alas.


      1. ““vegan chorizo/ ice cream” is weird chemical concoction”

        Back when I was following vegan youtube (for the drama not for the diet advice) even a lot of vegans are skeptical of things like vegan chorizo (while others pushed it hard, presumably for… sponsorship reasons).

        Like you I’m all for vegetarian vegan foods… within reason. I even like things like tofu and tempe when they’re not tortured into trying to imitate meat. And I absolutely agree that many people eat too much meat of low quality produced in conditions that are not…. good.

        The best explanation I’ve seen for the promotion of things like vegan sirloin is that it’s a way of raising food prices while (in the long term not increasing producer costs).

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  2. Vegan “ice cream” isn’t really all that vile, but it’s more like a weird ice milk.

    What’s absolutely vile is “keto ice cream”.

    Enjoy big balls of frozen fat that have a bizarre mouth feel? Then “keto ice cream” is for you.

    “Keto ice cream” is one of these things where you have to wonder how much the manufacturers hate diabetics.

    “I even like things like tofu and [tempeh] …”

    Yeaaaaah, the Asian-influenced parts of me can’t get away from this. 🙂

    Something to try: kitsune dengaku tofu.

    “Kitsune” means fox, but this isn’t tofu made from foxes, it’s a kind of light brown tofu that’s fried on the outside so it has the colouration of a fox.

    This is a style of serving tofu where you’re best off with a deep fryer or an air fryer, because you’ll need to brown all of the sides equally.

    A thickened soy citrus dipping sauce works well with it.

    Something else to try: tempeh “bacon” fried in sesame oil seasoned with soy sauce.

    When fried to a crisp, it’s a good addition to a veggie stir fry.

    So I’ll take vegan chorizo because it fills a hole that would otherwise be noticeable in certain Mexican dishes, but I wouldn’t like it on its own.


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