Troop Movements

Here’s a short .gif of the troop movements over the past 3 days:

Just 3 days! Imagine the planning, the strategy, the restraint, the brilliant counterintelligence that tricked the pestilent bastards into thinking that the counteroffensive would happen in a completely different place.

This will be in all the textbooks.

P.S. I’ve already seen a bunch of geniuses online who point out that the maps are incorrect because not every part of the areas shaded in different colors has soldiers in it.

No, soldiers don’t stand shoulder to shoulder holding hands on every square inch of the territory. This is a crucial insight that we were all sorely lacking.

3 thoughts on “Troop Movements

  1. The progress has been mind boggling and it’s amazing how well armed the equipped the Ukrainian soldiers are compared to the Russians. I honestly believe that once Ukrainians get better acquainted with the latest of Western military gear and liberate their homeland, they will never have to fear Russia again.

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    1. Nobody will have to fear Russia again now that we’ve seen how weak and bumbling they are.

      As for the weapons, let’s not forget how readily Russians supply Ukraine with weapons these days:


  2. What is very ironic is that this deception operation of making the Russians think they were going to attack in one area while secretly preparing said major attack in another, is a technique that the Russians themselves mastered during WWII in fighting the Germans.

    It is one of the major causes of the post-war myth the German generals perpetuated that the only reason they lost to the Soviets was due to being swamped by Soviet numerical superiority, when what it really was, was the Soviets kept secretly amassing large concentrations of forces in front of German forces that weren’t even aware of their presence.

    The Soviets called it “maskirovka” and it was a major part of Soviet (primarily Russian) military operational art.


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