What Matters

In war, people understand what matters. Ukraine experienced the largest number of weddings in 7 years, and it’s only September. 21% more marriages have been registered than in 2021. The number of divorces has dropped by 42%.

Let’s now wait for the news of a baby boom. We never had one after WWII, and it’s long overdue.

One thought on “What Matters

  1. “a baby boom. We never had one after WWII”

    Martial law (1981-83) produced a huuuge baby boom in Poland but unfortunately the communist institutional infrastructure wasn’t able to capitalize on it so the baby boom generation didn’t end up having many kids….

    hint: do away with the idea of ‘years’ at a university and make it possible for people to start university at later ages and not right out of high school….

    There are lots of problems with American education but the idea that people can do something else for a few years and then go to university (or switch majors… multiple times) is a major innovation that the rest of the world could/should emulate.


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