Blind Elections

One of the election monitors in Russia (meaning, people who sit at the polls and make sure nobody puts fake ballots in the ballot boxes) is the singer Diana Gurtskaya. She is an OK singer but she’s blind.

There’s been too much symbolic stuff going on already but the image of a blind person in charge of monitoring the ballot boxes is hard to beat. I hope Russians won’t put the blind singer right under their famous statue of the open-eyed Lady Justice who somehow lost her blindfold.


3 thoughts on “Blind Elections

  1. There couldn’t be a better image to capture the essence of Russian “normality” than a blind election monitor. If you want to understand the country and its mentality, that says it all.

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  2. OT (sort of….) Here’s an interesting thread on the balancing act that putain tries to carry off between ‘radicals’ and ‘laymen’ and how that’s getting harder…

    I don’t know enough about russian society to know how accurate it is but the radical/liberal/laymen grouping is fairly similar to Poland though the percentages are very different with radicals only about 5% (and rankled up by very different issues and at permanent odds with each other)


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