Professional Victims

How come, how schmum. Ukrainians put in 8 years of hard work to get the world to notice. Eight years of talking, writing, publishing, organizing, making appearances. Eight years of patient explanations that no, we aren’t Nazis. And now some infantile bugger is going to pout because he only sees the result and not the hard work behind it. Get of your buns, chum, and maybe in a decade you’d get somebody to care if you work hard enough. Nobody owes you attention and support just because you exist.

And it’s always like this. “You are lucky, you’ve got a great CV,” a colleague once said. As if I had won that CV in a lottery.

The moment things got hairy at my university, I started developing a parallel career in translation. Of course, I will now start hearing, “it’s easy for you to say what you think. You have another career.”

I’m so tired of this whining. People who can’t get published because their research stinks have created a mystique of “discrimination.” Parents whose children self-mutilate whine about “social contagion.” Is anybody willing to do the work anymore or is everybody too busy being a victim?


One thought on “Professional Victims

  1. This is one of the key problems with America’s Black community today.
    That and refusing to learn things because doing that is too White.
    And, the fact that it’s a matriarchy.


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