Mother’s Love

I listened to an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his mother. The soldier is trying to explain that he’s in a terrible situation, most of his comrades are dead, wounded, or ran away. The mother explains that he deserves this because in his previous life he was a traitor to the homeland. I never thought I could feel sorry for a Russian soldier but. . . Yeah. Dying in the war will be a happy liberation for the miserable fellow.

Obviously, she’s eager to get the payout from his death but the guy refuses to bite it and tries to figure out how to stay alive, so she’s upset.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Love

  1. ” call between a Russian soldier and his mother”

    the one I remember is a film, all the mother cares about is the phone they have to pay for…
    “You realize he’s in captivity” says the Ukrainian facilitating the call
    “We still have to pay the bill!” she screeches showing no concern at all for him.
    And the soldier just has this slightly sad, resigned expression, kind of embarrassed that someone else is hearing this… I really felt sorry for him, not as an enemy soldier but as a poor guy with a crappy family….

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    1. There are many recordings like this. They are quite heartbreaking, especially since I can’t avoid thinking about N’s mother who, in the 15 years we’ve been together, never called to say happy birthday. I remember how he’d try to call on New Years or her birthday. Seeing his devastated face when she’d respond she was too busy to talk was very painful. He stopped trying several years ago.

      Even as a kid, they never celebrated his birthday. I’m from a family where we are really into our birthdays, so I really don’t get it.


      1. In a contrasting situation, a soldier liberates a village where his mother lives and they are reunited. “I made borscht!” she exclaims through happy tears. “Come in, all of you! I’ll feed you.”


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