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National Anthem

Ukrainian soldiers are singing the national anthem before going into battle:

Russian soldiers don’t sing theirs because they don’t know it. Russia has a fluid relationship with the anthem and nobody knows for sure what it’s supposed to be at the moment. It’s not filled with any historical meaning, and nobody relates to it emotionally. Neither do they know what their current flag is supposed to mean. But ask a Ukrainian what our flag means, and I promise you’ll never forget the reaction and the answer.

The nation-state is as strong as the emotional attachment people feel towards its symbols. No, it’s not rational. The best things in life never are.

P.S. I don’t know why it says there’s sensitive content. It’s only people singing. It’s sensitive because it’s touching but there’s no violence or anything like that.

Troop Movements

Here’s a short .gif of the troop movements over the past 3 days:

Just 3 days! Imagine the planning, the strategy, the restraint, the brilliant counterintelligence that tricked the pestilent bastards into thinking that the counteroffensive would happen in a completely different place.

This will be in all the textbooks.

P.S. I’ve already seen a bunch of geniuses online who point out that the maps are incorrect because not every part of the areas shaded in different colors has soldiers in it.

No, soldiers don’t stand shoulder to shoulder holding hands on every square inch of the territory. This is a crucial insight that we were all sorely lacking.


The administration wanted to drive a wedge among department chairs. The chairs of large departments were going to have their salaries raised to a 12-month contract, while the smaller departments would have theirs cut down to a 9-month contract.

Thankfully, we aren’t stupid. We saw immediately that it was being done in preparation for an announcement in a couple of years that this is inequitable and now everybody’s salary would have to be cut down to 9 months. Just for fairness’ sake, obviously.

Chairs stood together in solidarity. Not a single one broke the ranks and agreed to a raise at the cost of the colleagues. And as a result, we all ended up with an 11-month contract.

That’s how you do it. Austerity works by pitting people against each other. Resist every attempt to divide and conquer, and you’ll win. The administration worked heavily their favorite angle of “but isn’t it unfair that you work more and get paid the same?” If we had bought into it, soon enough it would be “but isn’t it unfair those other bastards get paid more than you? Let’s cut them down to size.” First, they bring down the weakest and then use them to attack the strongest. But if we don’t buy into this primitive manipulation, we are unbeatable.

Lets all remember this lesson.