Political Self-sabotage

As if we didn’t have enough trouble with the Republican party trying to do its darndest to avoid a red wave in November that looked inevitable only a few months ago, now Ron DeSantis is working hard to not be elected president with his Martha’s Vineyard stunt.

The guiding principle for a politician is “how does this action help me attract the voters who wouldn’t have voted for me otherwise?” It’s not “how do I troll the opponent in a way that pleases a few hardcore supporters and repels everybody undecided or middle-of-the-road?”

The churches in Martha’s Vineyard threw themselves into helping the migrants. The migrants themselves look like sweet, normal people with kids. In the meantime, neither the cartels and the gangsters who shipped them nor the rich bastards vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard have been punished in any way. And DeSantis has portrayed himself as somebody who’s impotent against the cartels so he uses a 7-year-old kid clutching her stuffy to make a point that nobody fully understands.

The only winning strategy here would be to demonstrate that Democrats treat migrants like human refuse. It shouldn’t be hard because that’s exactly what they do. Trying to outdo them at this game by treating the migrants in the same manner is pointless. Showing kindness and Christian charity – like those churches in Martha’s Vineyard are doing – while denouncing the policies that make the migrants’ countries of origin uninhabitable is the winning strategy. Trolling for the sake of trolling is loserish tactic with no long-term strategy behind it.

“Now these rich bastards will see!” No, they won’t. They’ll outsource the problem as they always do, and you’ll look like a dick for no gain.

11 thoughts on “Political Self-sabotage

  1. I have to agree.
    And Lindsey Graham talking about a federal abortion ban takes the cake. Yeah let’s fire up the opposition right before the election! Awesome strategy. And it’s an inconsistent position to boot. This is a State issue. Unbelievable buffoonery. Total sabotage.

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    1. Totally. For decades, the narrative has been “let the states decide.” Finally, the states get to decide. And then immediately, it’s all “nah, forget that. We now think it’s a federal issue.”

      The chances that a federal ban will pass are nil. But definitely, let’s preen ourselves into a defeat less than two months before the election.


      1. ” the narrative has been “let the states decide.””

        The meta-message of a nationwide ban is “You suckers believed us when we said “let the states decide…. PSYCHE!!!!!”

        I never had a major problem with RvW despite the obvious legal… iffiness of part of it because I was always sure the republican machine would try shit like a nationwide ban….

        I never trust republicans when they talk about ‘let’s leave it to the state for anything’ the same way I never trust democrats when talk about ‘the right side of history’ as they impoverish minority neighborhoods with their latest virtue signalling hobby horse.

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        1. Let’s say they somehow get the federal ban bill go through. Then what? Half of the states will refuse to comply. What’s the next step? Send in the National Guard? If you are completely impotent to stop violent riots across several cities, what will you be able to do against peaceful citizens in 20+ states?

          It’s living in fantasy land, and we all now how that ends.


      2. I don’t remember this ever being the narrative in any consistent manner. I do remember Congress passing the partial birth abortion ban when Bush was president.


        1. Pretending that there’s no difference between induced labor at 35 weeks and pill-based abortion at 5 weeks will do us absolutely no favor because the overwhelming majority of the population does see an enormous difference.

          We have to inhabit reality, whether we like it or not.


          1. Not commenting on the wisdom of introducing a bill rn (I’m inclined to agree that it’s not helpful), just noting I’ve only ever seen half hearted suggestions of leaving it to the states.

            It should, however, be noted that 5 weeks and 15 weeks aren’t the same either.

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            1. Definitely not. 15 weeks, they begin to move. That moment when you first feel the baby move – it’s like nothing else.

              Although, I personally perceived Klara as a complete person at 5 weeks when I first saw the heartbeat.


  2. Actually, many of the really mean-spirited American conservatives think this is awesome, since they want to see the rich libs “get pwnd”. There’s a real hatred among conservatives against the sort of rich liberals that live in places like Martha’s Vineyard, they see it as making liberals look hypocritical and sticking it to them.

    And now reports are that the immigrants are being sent to a local military base instead and this really does make the residents look hypocritical. This whole stunt just makes DeSantis and the people who cheer this as assholes and the immigrants probably had no clue where they were or what really happened.

    Ironically many of the locals of Martha’s Vineyard who’ve lived there for generations are actually working class people in the service industry and who rely on welfare and food stamps. It’s a weird juxtaposition of the locals serving wealthy tourists who are poor themselves, they were probably the folks in the church group who were helping the immigrants


    1. Normie voters don’t care about Twitter threads. They care that a cute little kid with a stuffy was treated like an undesirable. This is a bad look for DeSantis for absolutely no gain. He seems to be competing for the Trump diehards who already have their candidate.


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