Back in Action

I know I’ve been MIA but I made €1,000 doing translation since Friday and it was a lot of work. Things being as they are with our neoliberal administrator, it would be insane to pass up a chance to make some money.

What’s been happening in the world aside from stupid Russia announcing partial draft? What have I missed?


12 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. My favorite bit so far:

    Also supposedly there are protests in large cities, not against the genocide or war crimes, but about being expected to do the dirty work they want done themselves…

    Also this if funny… as Vlad Vexler says, putain doesn’t want principled support he wants passive acceptance.

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    1. Protests… The largest is maybe 1,500 people. Pathetic. That’s all they can muster in response to a clearly insane plan that will get tens of thousands killed pretty much immediately? These people are useless.


      1. In Ukraine, people barely noticed the announcement about the stupid draft. People are extremely happy about the release of several of the Azov fighters. Nobody cares about Russia and its moronic ideas.


      2. “maybe 1,500 people. Pathetic. That’s all they can muster”

        I wonder if there’s American coverage of protests in Iran where police thugs beat a young woman to death for an improper head rag and protests grew and grew….
        It doesn’t fit in with the message of headrags being incredibly empowering and feminist so I think media isn’t so interested…

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  2. It was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday. Quite interesting and moving (to me, anyway) to see all the various pageantry on solemn display and feel the passing of an era. Likely less interesting to non Brits 😉

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    1. “funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday. Quite interesting and moving”

      Didn’t see much of it but the bagpiper starting to play and slowing walking away down the corridor was a very moving moment.


      1. Yes, I agree. I missed large chunks because of the time difference – I’m not getting up at 3 am, even for the Queen! – but that part really got to me. I read that the piper was included at her express request, too.


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