Can’t Get It Right

The CNN literally can’t get anything right. Pugacheva never mentioned the word “Ukraine.” She said “our boys are dying” and that was a bad thing. Why they were dying was never addressed. She’s the worst kind of propagandist who expresses the worldview that Ukraine doesn’t exist. It’s precisely this mentality that led to the war. Her statement is right up there with saying that the Holocaust was bad because Germans got too tired manning the concentration camps.

And of course, this moronic statement of hers got a bigger write-up in Western media than the atrocities uncovered in the liberated Ukrainian city of Izyum.

One thought on “Can’t Get It Right

  1. Mostly OT, but since we’re talking about fun with propaganda:

    Childers has a fun one today, on where political talking points come from, and how they’re disseminated, in the US. You have to scroll down past the Martha’s Vineyard stuff. It’s the bit after that. $400 to hit a list of talking points. I always figured there was a “memo” that goes out. Never guessed the payoff was so low, or that the funding could be traced. Here’s the “tiktok lawyer” video he links:


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