Old Soldiers

It’s kind of really weird to think that if N were in Russia right now, he could have been drafted.

10 thoughts on “Old Soldiers

  1. OT (a bit): I thought this was very well put….

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    1. So true. Thirty years of mistakes, and this is the result.

      I just listened to a full hour of Arestovich explaining that there is a non-negligible possibility of Russia starting a nuclear war. Decades of complacency, stupidity and passivity, and this is where we are. Unbelievable.


      1. Hopefully China has some pull in this sense, being essentially Putin’s major lifeline right now. The Chinese Communist Party is very sensitive to world opinion of themselves and I highly doubt would want to be seen as complacent or accepting of Putin lobbing nukes.

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        1. Absolutely. We are hoping that China and India will understand that at the end of this path is a nuclear annihilation of humanity. It’s insane that we should have to fear this because a miserable third-world country without indoor plumbing is experiencing a mental breakdown.


          1. I don’t think it would be that kind of nuclear war, I don’t even think the West would respond to Putin using nukes with nukes of their own, but rather very heavy-duty conventional military measures.


    1. To avoid mobilization in Russia, you mean?

      It’s very easy. Print out a mobilization notice from the Internet. Carry it with you. If you are stopped and given a mobilization notice, you say, “yes, absolutely, I already got mine. On my way to the mobilization precinct right now.” There’s no technology or manpower to check if it’s true.

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      1. “It’s very easy.”

        Now that we’re here… were russians so pathetic in the USSR too? Everyone in Poland knew tons of tricks to get around stupid regulations as much as possible, did russians?
        How did they not just die of starvation if they followed all the idiotic Soviet rules?


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