My New Twitter

I’m actually glad that Twitter banned me. I now have a new account and it’s 100% Ukrainian + Alex Berenson. I now only post and comment in Ukrainian. What’s really sweet is when I comment in Ukrainian on the tweets of pro-Ukrainian Russians. They don’t know how to respond in Ukrainian, so they answer with hearts and smileys.


5 thoughts on “My New Twitter

  1. Новое Дно 1 —

    Трудовых мигрантов обманом и пытками принуждают подписывать договоры о службе в российской армии
    Граждан республик Центральной Азии обманом, запугиванием и насилием заставляют подписывать контракты с российской армией. Правозащитница Валентина Чупик рассказала о таких случаях изданию Kloop.

    Новое Дно 2 —

    Директор школы донес в полицию на 10-летнюю девочку из-за желто-синей аватарки, после чего силовики забрали ее в отдел, а потом пришли к ней домой.


    1. There was a group of Russians discussing where to deliver a nuclear strike on Ukraine. Which city, which region. I told them to deliver a strike on their heads instead to see if it made them smarter. I got banned. They didn’t.

      The reason for a ban was “inciting violence against an ethnic group,” even though I never mentioned their ethnicity or asked anybody to strike them.

      At first, I got banned for 6 hours but after the 6 hours got a permanent ban.

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      1. And by the way, I’m the same ethnic group as Russians. Our Russian teacher looks like my twin. People at church said it’s strange that we have the same name being from the same family. They thought she was my sister.

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  2. You know, you could have banned the banners by refusing to use Twitter except as a reader.

    Go find the “Nitter” project and use it instead of Twitter.

    All you have to do is to replace the Twitter part of each URL with a Nitter front-end, and no longer will you be required to log in to look at Twitter content.

    “Invidious” works the same way for YouTube.

    Your solution works too, I suppose.

    I’d probably have less crap to deal with if I stuck to posting in Japanese.

    But your horrible blog software’s configuration hates me for even one “doshita no” written in kana for all of you out there. 🙂


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