Not by Bread Alone

Whenever my husband buys bread, I always wonder if I even know him. Ego buys this kind of thing of their own free will? “Are you planning to eat this?” I keep asking him.

You can easily guess which bread is mine and which is his in the picture:


6 thoughts on “Not by Bread Alone

      1. “why anybody would voluntarily accept the bits”

        Oh, you would hate Polish bakeries where “let’s put lots of bits into it” is the national motto… seeds of various kinds, other grains, whole soybeans, raisins… my favorite bakery seems to find a new kind of bit to put in bread or rolls every other week or so…
        Not really my thing but a lot of people must like it…


  1. Let’s see, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavourings and colours …

    By all rights, your husband picked a relatively harmless and fairly tasty bread for a mass produced American product.

    But if you want bread without bits, he could stop by a bakery outlet such as Sunbeam that makes Pure American White Bread (with extra alloxan in the wheat) so you can enjoy a true American staple.

    You complain too much, that bread makes good toasted sandwiches. 🙂

    Now get your husband some Killer Dave’s bread from Oregon, that’s a lovely American bread.

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