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Stacey Abrams is one of the weirdest people in US politics. A couple of weeks ago she floated a conspiracy theory that ultrasound machines are not real. Now she’s saying, “Having children is why you are worried about the price of gas and food.” The idea that people without children or with grown children don’t eat or drive is pretty much out there in the “exceptionally nutty” stratosphere. So is the idea that the best way of stopping the inflation is by suspending procreation.

One thing is clear. She has some kind of psychological trauma around child-bearing that she’s decided to not treat. Does she have any children herself, does anybody know?


5 thoughts on “The Nutty Stratosphere

  1. In Canada someone did a study to see if they could reduce health care expenditures by pushing assisted suicide for sick people. (Conclusion: Yes, they could!) Stacy is just applying the same principle here: dead babies cost less than live babies.


      1. In 2022, Berkley, an imprint of the Penguin/Random House publishing house, will re-release Abram’s three out-of-print romance novels that she published in the early 2000s under the pen name Selena Montgomery.

        The three books are The Art of Desire, Rules of Engagement and Power of Persuasion. They form a romantic suspense trilogy about a fictitious government agency that recruits civilians to work as international spies, according to The New York Times.

        Abrams’ books were originally published by the romance publishing company Harlequin.

        Harlequin is known for being the publisher of bodice rippers/”soft-core porn” so I wouldn’t say she wrote pornography novels. Penguin/Random House may even clean them up some in the re-release.

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