4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Tell. Me. About. It.

    Doing it over again, I’d simply slip away into “retirement”.

    They’ll tolerate you “retiring” from your current employment but they’ll never tolerate you becoming independent from it.

    They’d like to imagine that while they’re toiling away virtuously that you’re really somewhere shabby, dining on toast with beans as a regular thing.

    I reckon it’s that ten-fold if you wind up winning the lottery.

    Oh, you have so much dosh, you can obviously afford it and all that crap.

    Go ahead, ask your accountant what the cost is of moving away from everything and making new friends versus amortizing all of those friends who now secretly hate you for having money.

    Well … to be perfectly honest, that’s a bit of what we’re doing here, right now.


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