Good news! I no longer worry about a nuclear war. I now worry about this shit.


One thought on “Geniuses

  1. Ah, but you could worry about both! 🙂

    But consider this: given certain pieces of information that could make the current “state of the art” divert elsewhere somewhat dangerously in both fields, would you say much about that if anything at all if you happened to know some of how that’s going to work?

    Being more specific, if coaxing a certain probability out of quantum engineering is a thing that can be done, if the state of reality we are living follows the Copenhagen model even to the slightest degree, could a significant number of people thinking about the possibility of something actually cause its probability to increase?

    Nobody really seems to be certain whether Wheeler was pulling Feynman’s leg about the “one electron universe” with the possible and plausible implication that positrons and electrons form a grand “toroidal temporal loop”, with the also possible and plausible implication that we have no clue how the past and future feed on each other.

    So on the basis that merely talking about certain horrible outcomes may make it possible even infinitesimally for them to occur, I’ll cease from giving you specifics and instead encourage you to worry about an entire class of horrible outcomes that you will not be able to see, not be able to understand, and not be able to interact with until they manifest in reality.

    Which of course means you shouldn’t worry at all … but the possibility is out there! 🙂

    These days I wonder if that interesting knack that humanity has in general for being able to listen to information without choosing to process through it to its logical conclusion operates as a defensive mechanism against certain rogue ideas manifesting tangibly within a Copenhagen model of quantum reality.

    I also wonder if having sufficiently deep jargon to keep most of these people away also serves that same defensive mechanism.

    You think Liz Truss losing to a head of lettuce was an accident … [says that like Morpheus in “The Matrix”]

    Enough people believed it was possible to make this manifest tangibly in reality.

    Doesn’t that strike you as just a little bit odd?

    So on your behalf, I will worry about these things for you! 🙂


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