Balls of Titanium

My sister is an epic hero. Yesterday during a class at a Canadian university that she is attending as a student she said that sex is binary and she refuses to refer to men posing as women as “she.”

I’m not capable of such a feat of bravery but I admire it deeply.

She was 9 when the USSR fell apart but the Soviet censorship affected her so deeply that freedom of speech is the foundational, guiding idea of her entire life.

In a different class at the same Canadian university, she told the professor it’s shameful to spout woke ideology in the classroom and blab about diversity when there’s no diversity of opinion allowed. If this is not admirable, I don’t know what is.

8 thoughts on “Balls of Titanium

  1. She is very brave! Good for her. And how did the professors and students react to her comments? We’re the receptive at all?


    1. They started with, “You can’t say this!” To which she replied, “I can say absolutely anything I want.”

      Her favorite game in childhood was debate club. It’s next to impossible to defeat her in a debate because she’s cool as a cucumber and coldly logical. I on the other hand, get angry and start shouting.

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    1. Mine, too! Also during COVID, she kept speaking out against lockdown, forged vaccinations, in support of freedom truckers. Fearless, undaunted, strong.

      I always say she’s a better human than I am because it’s true.

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  2. They’re not used to having their autocracy challenged, even by themselves.

    Once upon a time, there was a rather well-off lady who considered what she’d do with some of her well-earned money in order to create a larger legacy, one much like portions of the books she’d written that led to her being well-off with well-earned money.

    She intended to give the bulk of her fortune to a well-respected university in her will, but somewhere along the way, the university’s nomenklatura decided that she “couldn’t say such things” as she was saying, biting the hand that was going to feed them.

    Rather than imagine this well-respected university as a potential inheritor and extension of the kinds of institutions she’d imagined in her fiction, she decided that perhaps they didn’t really need the money after all.

    And so that well-respected university isn’t so well-funded in the future now that upwards from eight hundred million British pounds has somehow managed not to find its way into the university’s coffers.

    The biggest reason certain Vichy Leftists and People With Bespoke Pronouns hate her is that she had the numbers to stand up to these well-respected people and tell them that they can go get well-fucked off.

    So I’m greatly looking forward to your sister’s future litigation against these people in which they’ll have to settle themselves with giving her multiple doctorates and a huge chunk of her money back before she’s even completed her undergraduate studies.

    After all, they’re the ones who are going to get schooled. 🙂

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