How Propaganda Works

Some British lawyer in Cyprus published an article praising Putin. Within hours, every major Russian newspaper and website published an article praising the Cypriot for praising Putin.

It’s hard to believe that Russian journalists all collectively spent their Sunday morning browsing through the obscure Cyprus website where the original article appeared and then all just happened to write a nearly identical piece about it.

It’s a lot more likely that the article was written in the Kremlin and then given to some Cypriot stooge to publish under his name for a fee. The state-controlled media in Russia were tasked with publicizing the Cypriot’s article once it appeared. It’s very basic, very primitive propaganda. What’s sad is that there is bound to be a group of “it’s because of the NATO expansion” diehards who will take the Cypriot’s piece as proof that they’ve been right to worship Putin this whole time.


One thought on “How Propaganda Works

  1. Russians are just so pathetic that they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to validate and make themselves look good. Something deep inside them must be telling them things are not alright and they are very much fucked.


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