The Biggest Victim

Terrible news from Ukraine again. Russians delivered missile strikes all over the country, aiming at hospitals, residential buildings, and power stations. Ukrainians are rising to the challenge, acting heroically and engaging in feats of resilience and strength.

In the US in the meantime, there’s yet another spat over who misgendered whom.

Wars will never end because comfort and opulence don’t bring out the greatness of the human beings. They bring out pettiness, poutiness, and performative fragility. Wars, on the other hand, bring out heroicism and unbreakability.

We keep talking about “world peace,” but what would we do with it? Argue endlessly over who’s the biggest victim?

3 thoughts on “The Biggest Victim

  1. My coworker was really worried about this happening ever since Kherson was recovered. I wanted so badly to be optimistic but it was too soon.

    It makes zero sense to allow only defense. If they could rally offensive strikes against a military target it would likely help immensely. Just because Russia is being horrendous and attacking civilian targets doesn’t mean Ukraine will. Hell, if anything it’s already been shown that they’d act the opposite. With how the rest of the world is acting you’d think Ukraine was threatening to invade Russia.

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    1. Ukraine is losing most of its electrical grid. Russians waited to do it until winter came.

      But they don’t have an endless supply of missiles. If we were allowed to do precision strikes on their supply… But no. It’s not happening.


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