Why Is It Taking So Long?

Why hasn’t Ukraine won the war yet, people might ask?

The problem is that Ukraine isn’t allowed to retaliate against Russia. Russia masses enormous numbers of missiles next to the Ukrainian border, and Ukraine isn’t allowed to take out the missile depots to prevent a strike. Ukraine is receiving foreign aid (and we are extremely thankful) under the condition that no Russian will suffer on the Russian territory and no Russian military object, depot, train station, etc will be hit by Ukraine. No matter what happens, Russia should not suffer. This is the condition of continuing foreign aid.

So we have to sit here and watch Russians bring hundreds of missiles to the border, aim them, and shoot them at maternity wards. A newborn boy died as a result of just such a strike yesterday. This can continue pretty much forever because why shouldn’t it? Russians aren’t experiencing any negative consequences from the war. Why would they stop? If you could engage in something that brought you great pleasure and no negative consequences, would you stop?

OK, you’ll ask, but why is there a prohibition on doing any damage to Russia?

Because in spite of the talk about “regime change”, the Western plan is to preserve the Russian regime exactly as it was before February 24, 2022. “Regime change” is an expression only used by stupid people. Like “gender-fluid.” Like “America’s proxy war against Russia.” Russia has been babied, coaxed, cajoled, and pandered to in an extraordinary way since 1991, and more than ever throughout 2022. Zero bombs have dropped on Russia during the war. Zero Russian towns were destroyed. Zero Russian civilians were inconvenienced, let alone hurt.

Words are so much more powerful than reality. People find a turn of phrase they can easily memorize and gladly sacrifice their capacity to observe reality on the altar of being able to repeat this beloved phrase. This is equally true for the “systemic racism” and “proxy war” crowds.

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