Lockdown Protests

I saw that there are anti-lockdown protests in China. Can’t wait to see how Washington Post will make the case that the Chinese protesters are Nazis.

6 thoughts on “Lockdown Protests

  1. Titter is full of video from these. I’d love to read any kind of commentary on it from someone who speaks Chinese– it all looks very chaotic, and impossible for a layman to tell how widespread it is, why it’s happening now, or how the government is responding.


    1. I’ve been traveling all day and this is a nice surprise. I hope the protesters are successful. But how are the MSM going to square their conviction that every anti-lockdown protester is a Nazi with the protesters being Chinese?


      1. I expect MSM will do what they usually do: mostly ignore it, and make up a convenient story downplaying it for when they’re forced to talk about it, assuming not enough Americans speak Chinese to be able to make sense of it (they’re not wrong). Lot of rumors going around– started at an iphone factory, started because of a building fire where people had been welded inside due to covid quarantine… are any of these things true? No idea.

        Current admin has enough “business” interests in China that anything in MSM is guaranteed to be lying or misdirection.


  2. It’s surprising to me that the Chinese Communist authorities, who normally maintain VERY rigid control over people’s lives and quickly suppress any form of public dissent, have been allowing these protests to take place at all.

    Apparently, there are some beneficial side effects to COVID, after all.


  3. China is next to Japan.
    Japan was Hitler’s ally.
    Hitler’s propagandist was Leni Riefenstahl.
    Riefenstahl was in Ways to Strength and Beauty with Babe Ruth.
    Babe Ruth was in The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg with Walter Matthau.
    Walter Matthau was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.

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  4. “anti-lockdown protests in China”

    I keep seeing comments from people with long experience in China that they’ve never seen anything like what’s happening now.
    Some speculation that the government is letting people let off steam before cracking down again…

    “Can’t wait to see how Washington Post will make the case”

    The emerging tankie line (yesterday, not sure about now) is that it’s not happening and when and where it’s happening it’s about working conditions in some factory or a fire in some building and not about covid policies (much less unhappiness with Xi) at all…


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