All They Want

“All they want is a guarantee that the NATO won’t expand.”

I’m still waiting for the people who kept saying that “this is about the NATO” to do the adult thing and come tell me that they were wrong.

5 thoughts on “All They Want

    1. “latest John Mearsheimer interview?”

      The always reliable Kamil Galeev took apart Mearsheimer and other NATO-centric approaches.
      No one with insider cultural knowledge (anti or even pro putain) talks about NATO as anything but a distraction for gullible westerners.

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      1. Great analysis from Galeev, as always. And his central point is very important. Other people live in a different cultural framework. They think in terms that make sense to them and might be unknown to outsiders. That’s why I never comment on Taiwan, for example. I just don’t know enough and want to let better informed people speak instead.

        There’s always something to learn but you can’t learn if you don’t let any new information penetrate your brain.


    2. I don’t know this guy but he seems to be either stupid or bought off by the Russians. Why anybody wants to interview somebody this clueless is a mystery b


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