When I tell people I’ve taken up painting, they react as if I said I’ve taken up pedophilia. “Yeah, haha, very funny. What a silly joke.”

I don’t know why people react this way. Is it because I’m utterly lacking in talent? I know I am but so what? I’m not hoping to make my name as an artist. I know I suck. It’s the process I’m after.

There’s a bunch of really great videos on philosophy and history that I want to listen to. But I can’t just listen and do nothing in the meantime. I get terribly distracted. But if I’m occupied with something that requires a lot of attention, the videos go down as a charm.

It’s the curse of a busy, hyperactive brain. At least, two channels at once need to be occupied or I can’t process anything.

Political Differences

Conservatives tried to flee major social media for Parler because they were being censored. Liberals are trying to flee major social media for Mastodon because others aren’t being censored enough.

There’s been zero reduction in Twitter censorship. Zero, bupkes, nil. Yet these incredible crybabies have created a mega drama because of the mere possibility that somebody might reduce censorship.

We are rightfully ridiculing Russians for wanting to bring back the USSR. But those Russians haven’t experienced any better. The pro-censorship liberals have, so what’s their excuse?