My Scoop

The real leader of the hardcore MAGAs is very active on Telegram but he also makes regular public appearances. He gathers pretty big crowds, and these are not free events. You need to pay, often quite a lot, to get in. This is so much smarter than a rally for FBI purposes because they get everybody’s credit card information and a separate list of people with money who share these ideas. A VIP pass to a meeting costs between $500 and $750. There are also packages for events that last several days. These start at $2,500.

Isn’t it interesting that such a story isn’t being reported anywhere? These are very well-attended meetings but there’s zero coverage in the local press when they happen. And you can’t find them online by location or speaker name. There was one such meeting in a neighboring town. It was packed. I had a source at the meeting who took video clips and showed me. The funny thing is that the event was mentioned nowhere at the website of the conference facility where it took place. In fact, it had no online presence at all. The link to make reservations said something completely different and it mutated fast.

The first of these events I heard about was in Miami in December of 2020. It was a gigantic venue but you couldn’t find it online or in the press. I saw photographic and video evidence of the event. I know people who went.

Everybody has the perfect right to find this uninteresting but to me it’s very curious, which is why I shared. And mind you, I didn’t go off half-cocked the moment I heard about this. I’ve been tracking this for two years.