Puffy Charisma

The same people who overreacted to Trump (both positively and negatively) are now overreacting to Elon Musk (also both positively and negatively). Seeing or hearing the name of their idol in absolutely any context lights them up like a Christmas tree. It’s curious that it’s always puffy men with weird hair and incoherent speech patterns that have this effect on the masses.


4 thoughts on “Puffy Charisma

  1. The new Bibi-led government is still being formed, but scandalous news already abound:

    // The United Torah Judaism and Religious Zionist parties, as part of ongoing coalition negotiations, have asked for a legislation permitting gender segregation at publicly funded events.

    If approved, it would legally include libraries, healthcare funds, buses, and so on. How do I know that? Because it is written in the bill’s draft, and because I’m from Jerusalem, and that is already the growing reality in the city.



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