Missile Monday

On Mondays there are now massive missile strikes by Russia. The first wave was mostly struck down by Ukrainian anti-aerial defenses. The second one started 5 minutes ago. We are expecting the third strike a little after that.

Fuck Russia from here to hell.

5 thoughts on “Missile Monday

  1. They can’t possibly keep this up right? I’m wondering at what point they’ll run out of missiles.

    Do you think these are effective at all? Other than just pissing off Ukrainians even more? Is there really a risk of the Ukrainian civilian infrastructure crumbling?

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    1. There was a risk but Americans sent thousands of generators, which really helped. And more are on the way. We just need to stay strong until Russians run out of missiles. They have enough for 4-5 more big missile strikes unless somebody (India, for example) gives them more. We just need to sit it out while our armed forces are doing their job.


    1. Absolutely. Today, Russians only managed to fire 70 of the planned 100 missiles because somebody (khm, khm) managed to hit Russian bombers 650 km deep into Russia and destroy then before they took off. The White House is safely pretending to have no knowledge of this.

      The Ukrainian aerial defenses managed to take down 60 of the 70 fired missiles before they hit their targets.

      This is definitely really huge. And it happens on the International Day of Volunteers, which is very symbolic. It’s thanks to the many volunteers in Ukraine and all over the world that Ukrainians are surviving the cold, the darkness, and the terror and getting closer to victory.


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