The Break Begins

Tomorrow I will go into the classroom for the last time until 2024. Yes, twenty-four.

I bunched my teaching into the Fall of this year and the spring of 2024 to give myself a break from teaching.

As I always say, the only thing I love more than teaching is not teaching.

Let the break begin.


8 thoughts on “The Break Begins

    1. It’s not a sabbatical because I’ll still be Chair and at work every day. The real sabbatical will come after I complete my second term as Chair. But it’s still fun not to have to teach for a year.

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      1. Oh, I know it was her cunning ways… It’s just that where I teach that kind of thing can’t be arranged in that way. Oh, and sabbaticals are unpaid leave (one year for every ten years of teaching).


        1. Our sabbatical is paid 100% if it’s one semester and 50% if it’s two semesters. I skipped my sabbatical to be Chair, so I’m trying to organize something to compensate myself for the loss.


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