A Sarcastic Critic

If you are a literary person and a Spanish-speaker, please drop everything and read Carlos Granés’ Delirio americano: una historia cultural y política de América Latina.

Granés is not only exceptionally erudite with a vast knowledge of Latin American avant-garde, he also has a knack for a subtle yet deadly takedown like nobody else. This is literary criticism as a form of art. The book is funny, sarcastic, knowledgeable, and anti-woke. There are no sacred cows for this author, and he’s especially bored with wounded identities that are in vogue today. He also has fascinating insights into who invented wounded identities and why.

I’m only on page 127 but I’ll write in more detail when I finish.


One thought on “A Sarcastic Critic

  1. My reading list is growing bigger by the hour with all your (direct or indirect) book recommendations: not everybody is as fast a reader as you, Clarissa!

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