Cassettes in the Sky

Cluster munitions are called cassette bombs in Ukrainian. But my subconscious only knows cassettes in the meaning of those cassette tapes we used back in the 1980s. For younger readers, this is what they looked like:

So now when I have one of my regular dreams of being under a missile strike in Kharkiv, I see these gigantic cassette tapes floating in the sky and raining bombs on me.

It’s very disturbing.

6 thoughts on “Cassettes in the Sky

    1. “there are people who don’t know what cassette tapes are?”

      Even in Europe… I have students who don’t know what floppy disks are (though vinyl records have made a bit of a niche comeback)

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      1. I did a language activity in Spanish 101 that’s from an old textbook but it’s good. Half of the class couldn’t identify the object from a picture.


  1. ” floating in the sky and raining bombs on me”

    That must be terrible… I’m very sorry that’s happening to you. I’ve only had one or two bad dreams since the beginning (one was hearing a big sound.. going to the window and seeing a bright light… that wasn’t good).
    I live and work under common flight approaches to the airport and…. airplanes don’t sound the same anymore…

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    1. Thank you! My friend from Uzhgorod always had nightmares about being in a concentration camp. She’s from a family of Holocaust survivors. But now, her dream about the concentration camp has an added plot twist where she’s being raped by Russian soldiers before being gassed by the Nazis.


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