The Positive Side of Neoliberalism

I was at the ๐ŸŽ“ ceremony yesterday, and my negative feelings towards the new neoliberal administrator somewhat softened. Everything has negative and positive qualities, and this event reminded me of the positive side of neoliberalism.

The ceremony was done with a military precision. Everything not completely necessary was trimmed away. The speeches were extremely short. There were very few of them. The whole thing took half the time it normally does. For the first time, the attendees were allowed to scream freely in support of the graduates. Neoliberalism is less disciplinarian, so everybody had a lot more freedom to act as they wished.

The experience was more jubilant than usual because it wasn’t drawn out in time. And, of course, it employed fewer people.

Last year’s commencement was downright funereal. No music, no handshakes, no cheering (because cheering spreads COVID). Endless speeches by masked people who couldn’t make themselves heard. The joy is definitely back in the new, efficient and productive ceremony.


One thought on “The Positive Side of Neoliberalism

  1. The system also relies on a large number of startups which can create jobs for people not needed at existing organizations.

    Trying to preserve existing jobs at all costs leads to bloat, inefficiency, and stagnation.


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