Bio Poles

Oh, and another funny thing from the POW interview.

“What were you expecting to see when you came to the frontlines?” the Ukrainian journalist asks.

“Nazis!” says the POW. “A lot of Nazis! And Poles. But there weren’t any Nazis. Or Poles. I was really expecting to see Poles but there weren’t any.”

“Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret,” says the journalist. “We have special biolabs that genetically modify Poles making them look like normal people.”

The POW thinks it over.

“No,” he says finally. “There were definitely no Poles.”

The obsession with the Poles in Russia is such that people are demanding that a mega famous Soviet era movie that starred a Polish actress be modified to cut her out.


2 thoughts on “Bio Poles

  1. Note to Polish satirists: We’re waiting for the Polish political cartoon showing “Poles” (as in the wooden type) being carried into Ukraine by Russian conscripts.

    You already know this punchline, get on it! 🙂

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