On the Fence

The absolute barking lunacy of “primary and secondary border fences” when this could all become civilized within hours by moving the processing of immigration claims out of the country and into embassies and consulates.

This is the easiest problem to solve but nobody – not Trump, not anybody else – ever tried to solve it. Please remember that.


4 thoughts on “On the Fence

  1. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that we kinda just want these people to keep coming so they can be exploited for their labor.


  2. Alternate solution: instantly grant all these people full labor rights while they’re “waiting”: everybody gets a green card. Now your employers must abide by legal working age restrictions, mandatory breaks, minimum wage laws, mandatory benefits, automatic tax withholding, they can join a union…

    In fact, perhaps it would be best if they were granted a higher minimum wage than regular US citizens, because they are much more vulnerable, and tend to be supporting larger families. Let’s make it double. $30/hr minimum.


  3. Most Americans have absolutely no idea how completely dysfunctional the US immigration bureaucracy is. Navigating the current immigration system is complex and difficult for people who speak excellent English, have advanced degrees, and economic resources. I really have no idea how poorly educated immigrants and refugees ever manage to do it.

    This is one of those issues that makes me despair for the future of the US because the ideas from both the left (open borders) and the right (send them all home and build a huge wall) are just terrible and ignore all sorts of economic realities. Some clearer rules and policies and a bureaucracy that is equipped to handle the volume of people wishing to come to the US would do wonders.


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