Dim Prospects

It’s not looking good:

It’s been like this for months. And that’s with Democrats in the WH, when one would expect a pendulum swing.


4 thoughts on “Dim Prospects

  1. Jacksonville mayor isn’t a race I pay attention to– I’d assumed that like other big cities, they’re reliably dems. That was actually true until 1995– after that, four out of five mayors were republicans, including the last one. Darn.


  2. Typically, large, metropolitan cities tend to vote “progressive” or “liberal” all over the world.
    On another note, her brother, career politician Tommy Hazouri, was elected mayor of the same city in 1987.
    Oh, and no, it doesn’t look good. It’s the culture.


  3. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Kentucky gubernatorial race in November for sure. Beshear is a strong incumbent, but Cameron is also a strong challenger.


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