Real and Faje

A box of takeout steamed carrots, broccoli and snap peas at the local grocery store has a large label on it saying “plant-based.” This is annoying because a carrot isn’t “plant-based.” It’s a plant. And the expression “plant-based” reminds one of the horrible fake meat branded as “plant-based steak.”

It’s as if real food needed to gain legitimacy by pretending to be fake.


4 thoughts on “Real and Faje

  1. “Real and Faje”

    Nice example of how the mind works to create meaning whenever, wherever, however it can…
    My brain decided that “Faje” had to be a Spanish name and so I decided “Real” was someone’s name too ( or just the adjective which you’d decided to use for some reason).
    So I was expecting a post about two… authors? politicians? at any rate two people, one with the last name Real and the other Faje…

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    1. haha! I did exactly the same thing. My mind jumped to a restaurant in Lima where we went for our anniversary: Chifa Real (try the chancho con nabo!). It took me several tries to conclude that no, Spanish was not where that was going.

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