Remain Human

Here’s a good, positive story for a nice finish to your day.

A Ukrainian drone spotted a Russian soldier in a trench and positioned itself to kill him.

It’s OK, I promise, this is a positive story.

The Russian soldier didn’t want to die, so he started raising his hands, showing he wanted to surrender himself.

The drone dropped a box which the Russian soldier first mistook for a grenade, almost expiring from terror.

But the box contained a note in Russian saying “Follow me, and you’ll live.”

For the next two hours, the Ukrainian drone operator led this Russian soldier across the frontlines to safety. Russian troops tried hard to shoot him in the back but missed.

The drone led the surrendered soldier to the Ukrainian side. He’s very happy, giving interviews. I saw the whole thing on video. It’s very surreal.

The point of the story is that some people will always remain human.

And others will never become human.

2 thoughts on “Remain Human

  1. “others will never become human”

    There’s another video (I won’t link to it, it can be found easily enough) of three russian soldiers who get hit.
    Before running away the two who can still run decide what they really need to do is to rob their wounded ‘comrade’….

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    1. In another one, a drone hits a Russian soldier and breaks his leg. He thinks what to do, realizes that his comrades won’t be kind, and kills himself.

      Ukrainian drone operators are kinder to these people than their own comrades and their command.


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