Russian Nationalist Guerrillas

Russian nationalist guerrillas have entered the territory of Russia and are fighting against the regular troops.

For people who don’t know much about the situation, Russian nationalist guerrillas are on Ukraine’s side but not part of the Ukrainian army. They are acting autonomously to liberate their homeland (Russia).

The citizens of the border areas in Russia are evacuating.

This is a great development. Let Russians fight it out among themselves because it’s their problem and it’s time they started figuring it out.

6 thoughts on “Russian Nationalist Guerrillas

  1. To be honest, I suspect these are Ukrainians trolling Russians by doing the same things and using the same vocabulary as Russia used in Donbass in 2014… “everyone knows tanks can be bought in any Russian military supply store”, “we entered at the direct request of the inhabitants of the Belgorod region”, “Belgorod People’s Republic”, etc.

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    1. I didn’t believe in these guys either but I’ve seen interviews with them, videos, etc. They are real. I wouldn’t say they are necessarily very nice dudes but they are real and very Russian.


      1. They may be Russian citizens, but I do not believe for a moment they are “autonomous” or are allowed their own military or propaganda goals that would contradict Ukrainian ones. Do not get me wrong, I am not claiming that they are mercenaries. It works differently. Those who genuinely have compatible goals get tanks and propaganda support, and those whose goals are not compatible do not get them and therefore do dot get a chance to attack Belgorod.


  2. The best part is this gives other autonomous regions of Russia ideas of doing the same. Especially those regions that have been paying the heaviest price for their war on Ukraine; I don’t know their mentality, but they can’t be too happy about paying so much blood while people in Moscow and St Petersburg go about their lives like nothing is happening.

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    1. The Russian authorities pay families 7 mln roubles for each dead soldier. That’s $83,000. It’s an incredible sum for people from the Russian provinces. It really dulls the pain of losing a shitty husband who drinks, beats you, and makes no money.


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