Good Doggie

And here are the Chinese, being subservient again:

Why do they need to be subservient to the pathetic, weak Russia?

Because it’s the kind of activity that is its own reward.

Oh, the sweet joys of being a good, good doggie.


4 thoughts on “Good Doggie

      1. Just because a plan isn’t original doesn’t mean it can’t work. When it comes to dominating global manufacturing the Chinese have advantages the Russians never had. First they have a giant population that allows for economies of scales, and second they have multiple ports on the Pacific that allow them to export all over the world, while the Russians are struggling to gain a few ports on the Black Sea.


  1. I don’t think the Chinese are being subservient at all, I think it’s just they don’t want their population possibly siding with the Ukrainians as then that would mean to the Chinese population that the West was supporting the side of good and China the side of evil, which would create a bunch of problems for the Communist Party. It is in China’s interest to help Russia because if Putin’s regime collapses, that will cause major problems. Russia being a thorn in the side of the West has been beneficial to China and multiple regimes around the world that are thorns to the West are propped up by Russia.


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