Failed Announcement

The announcement of Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign on Twitter is an embarrassment of Soviet proportions. Nothing works. The feed cuts out constantly. There’s some guy with a speech impediment called David Sacks who’s doing a butt-licking spiel for Elon. Everything glitches.

That DeSantis doesn’t walk out 30 minutes into this poop show and change his strategy is a very bad sign. He comes off as subservient to a tech oligarch, weak, and not in control of his own campaign announcement.


2 thoughts on “Failed Announcement

  1. Barring some incredible turn of events, DeSantis is toast. I see the only reason for him to run is the eventuality of Trump getting imprisoned/barred from running or is unable to for other reasons.

    He was good during COVID, but what else has he done? What’s his platform and ideas to fix the many serious issues that the country is facing? His silly social crusades will fix nothing of substance. He has nothing just like the rest of the Republican party.

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    1. Unfortunately, this is true. What he does is endlessly reactive. Wokeness is bad, absolutely. But you can’t outlaw it. People are choosing it because it’s attractive. Unless you give them an alternative, something more attractive, you won’t pry them away from it. And he keeps trying to pry them away.


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