Guerrilla Update

I watched an interview with one of the Russian nationalists who have crossed into Russia and are fighting against the regular Russian army on the territory of the Belgorod Region.

The guy is a true nationalist. He’s very preoccupied with borders, mentions them constantly, and is shocked that the Russian border was completely unprotected even during a war in an area right next to where heavy fighting has taken place.

These nationalists are hated by the Russian anti-Putin liberals because they are very conservative and right-wing.

I’ve been observing the struggle of Russian nationalists against Putin since 2005, and it always seemed extraordinarily funny to me that Western media keep referring to Putin as a nationalist when Russian nationalists are literally the only people who have been waging an armed struggle against the Putin regime for almost 20 years.

The guerrilla leader I listened to yesterday has a very reasonable, consistent philosophy. These guerrillas are clearly deeply patriotic. When they took over a Russian border checkpoint, they saw a lot of new, expensive equipment simply abandoned. This absolute waste of what they see as their national resources is painful to them. Of course, they now took over the equipment and are using it to fight against the regime.

The guerrillas say they’ve been getting quite a few messages from the local young men who want to join them. They don’t expect their movement to become massive but they promise many exciting developments soon.

Of course, the actions of the guerrillas are a ploy by the Ukrainian armed forces to distract the Russian army and send it far from where Ukraine will go on the offensive.

I don’t watch or access Western media in any way so I have no idea how the nationalist guerrillas are being covered in the US or Western Europe. If you know, please share.

And by the way, about 10 minutes ago, the Russian nationalist guerrillas have shelled Russian propagandist journalists who arrived in Belgorod to film a news segment demonstrating that the guerrillas are no longer there.


11 thoughts on “Guerrilla Update

  1. I have seen nothing whatever in the media that I follow. Your blog is the first and only place I have heard of it. Admittedly, I don’t read the Washington Post and New York Times in their entirety on a typical day.

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    1. Thank you for telling me! I find that US media are usually about 7-10 days late in reporting events in Ukraine, so maybe they’ll wake up next week.

      This is a really big deal because we are finally seeing independent, effective action from the Russian resistance.


    1. Ah, I see that The Economist is pouting, as usual.

      Thank you for the link! It’s funny how we keep hearing that the Western media are against Putin but the second any real challenge to Putin appears, they get upset.


  2. Do you know what relationship (if any) these guerillas have to Navalny and his vision ( or whatever) for Russia? Is there an overlap in what makes these two “putin-alternatives” appealing?


    1. Right now they are enemies. Navalny supporters (called Russian liberals) detest the guerrillas because they are openly conservative, right-wing. And the guerrillas despise the liberals because they are all talk, no action.

      Back in 2005-7, the nationalists loved Navalny. They thought he was their leader. But he sold out to the liberals, they say.

      I’m for the guerrillas because they have an actual program of action.


  3. I can see your point of how Russian nationalists could likely be better than the status quo. But some implications are still scary upon thinking this through (though again, not necessarily scarier than what’s already happening).

    What do you think they would do to non-Russians living in the territories of Russia? Would they be forcibly deported?

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    1. Very likely, yes. There are enormous tensions between the Russian population and Central Asian migrants and Chechens. This has been brewing for a very long time and one day it will explode.


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