Too Attached

People get so emotionally attached to politicians, it’s really unhealthy. It’s very possible to support and like a politician and still be able to recognize when he bombed.

“No, that wasn’t my candidate slipping and landing headfirst into a pile of dog excrement. He’s so popular that even dogs come in droves to hear him speak, and he made a welcoming gesture to make them feel included, that’s all!”

No, dude. He totally tripped into dog shit. But you can still really like his ideas on the inflation. It’s OK, you can survive reality, and so can your candidate.

I like DeSantis. He was amazing during COVID. He’s been fantastic for Florida. But today’s event was embarrassing. Denying it is even more so.

One thought on “Too Attached

  1. Yep! DeSantis bombed in his public opening, and Trump’s reply — look it up — is literally psychotic.

    So the 2024 race is off to a promising start!

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