Franco Is Not Dead

OK, so do you want to know how our friend Treglown ends his book on the memory of Franco’s dictatorship in Spain? I couldn’t have come up with anything this obnoxious if I tried.

He tells a story of a young woman who has been searching for the remains of her great-grandfather. He was killed by the fascists during the Civil War and his body was dumped in one of the many mass graves created for Franco’s victims. In the last two sentences of his book, Treglown happily informs the readers that this young woman has had a baby and now has no interest in history, war, dictatorship, and her great-grandfather.

This is precisely the attitude Franco considered the only appropriate one for women.

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2 comments on “Franco Is Not Dead

  1. That way of thinking is a political game of moving chess pieces so as to seem to come out as a winner. One proclaims that women have not understood anything and that life goes on. It seems like a very clever sleight of hand, and I have had this trick attempted on me a number of times. It’s not the final move in the chess game, though, and to assume so is the mistake of those who make it. They get taken in by the cleverness of their own deception, but that doesn’t mean I am also taken in by it. They have assumed that women are rather silly, but that assumption does not change reality, although they think it does. I still remain not silly and with a working memory. I observe all of the petty maneuvers and I don’t forget any of them, even after the would-be hypnotists have proclaimed they have completed their game and drawn all the conclusions there are to draw. I remain waiting, choosing my time. I notice and remember everything.

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